Installing the USB driver for your tablet or smartphone android (Woo Comet, AIRIS, etc.)

Install the driver on your computer or a smartphone Android tablet should be no problem if you are connected to internet, because your device to connect first to your pc via USB Cable Windows tries to automatically install the driver (driver) respective. And even if it does not happen you can automatically install the Android driver to install other programs such as UnlockRoot o el PdaNet.

But it may be the case you did not get that blessed automatically install driver. Then you got the time to do it manually. So in this tutorial we will show graphically the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. We question the accuracy of the generic driver for Android, so I could not work for a few brands or models of tablets that do not conform to the standard and therefore require special drivers to be provided by the manufacturer m0delo (for example: This driver works without problem in Comet Woo tablets with processors and Prolink AllWinner, but does not work on the tablet has a processor FunTek ATM7013 Actions).

1) First you need to connect your Android tablet to your computer via a USB cable (the tablet has to be pinned). If this is the first time you do the status bar will indicate that you are trying to install the driver, and if it does not indicate that you could not do it by showing a similar screen below:

2) Now you have to get the driver file. To ease the work we've put it on the Internet so you can download the driver for android tablet by clicking the link below you leave. (Tip: on the download page waits five seconds to display the button “Skip Commercials” the “Skip ad”, click that button and download options appear, select “Free download” free and will download the file to your pc. If you need graphical instructions check our tutorial download).

Download the driver for android tablet by clicking this link

3) The file you downloaded is compressed in zip format, so you need to open it installed WinZip or WinRar (sure you have it because you are present in almost all computers). Just double click on the downloaded file. Inside you'll find two folders, one contains the driver for Windows XP, Windows Vista y Windows 7 32 Bits; the second folder contains the driver for Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 Bits. But also work seamlessly on Windows 8. Click on the appropriate folder for your operating system (of 32 o de 64 bits) and drag it to the desktop to copy it there.

4) The time has come to begin the installation. Go to Device Manager that is within your Control Panel and you will find your Android device with a yellow icon that means no driver installed. dale doble click.

5) In the window that appears you press “Update Driver”.

6) Then you must provide the installer search for the driver on the computer.

7) At this point press the button “Review” for you to display a dialog in which you'll place the driver folder you extracted to your desktop then pressing “Accept” and finally “Following”.

8) If you get a security warning select install driver anyway.

9) That's all, Windows will confirm that you have installed the driver. Close the window.

10) If you want to verify can go to Device Manager again and see that your tablet driver is now listed under subsection Android Phone.

Did you find it easy?. Now you can rooting your tablet, or installing the Android SDK to take screenshot of your applications, or do anything that can be done when the controller or usb driver Android have installed which as we said you can download by clicking this link.

We discussed in another tutorial.

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  2. bryanarreolam

    Oh, What's up?, sight, my problem is the following: tengo una Smart Pad Mitsui MID7102SC, what happens is that is blocked, completely and am trying to use ADB to remove the password, but poker this PC should recognize the device, and does not recognize, I made this tutorial but when installing I get an error telling me it could not be installed, What can I do?

  3. Mary

    Hello poker online sin descargas I need help, Tablet PC Tablet MI se llama, I think it is Chinese, but I am not sure, few days ago it started to get a notice that says “unfortunately such application is stopped” and not let me do anything, I thought the software or update you format it from my pc, why come here, it does not connect, I tried to do the steps but in the end I came out my Windonws not recognize the controller manufacturer and can not install, Can you help?

    • Mandroide Post author

      When Windows displays a warning that the manufacturer does not recognize the driver gives the option to install anyway, this option is selected and the installation is carried out. But if for some reason you can no choice: PdaNet download the program and install it on the pc, the PdaNet usually automatically install android usb driver. regards.

  4. oscar

    hello good afternoon, when I download the drivers do not download, if they were kind enough to return the link, thanks

  5. side

    I want to pass information from my lenovo tablet (IDEATAB S6000) the computed and does not recognize, s why the microSD memory tengo . PLEASE HELP

    • Mandroide Post author

      You have to have the USB driver installed on your pc, then connect the tablet to the pc with the USB cable and the option acitvas USB Storage, with that the pc recognizes the tablet as a hard drive and you can transfer files between them. Another option is to install Dropbox on your tablet and your pc, then put your tablet in your dropbox all files you want to transfer and if you're connected to the internet these archvos be available for your pc and any computer you have Dropbox. Regards.

  6. Jorge

    Thank you very much, if I run PdaNet me and now I will try the upgrade, thank you very much :)

  7. Jorge

    Hola tengo una tablet TRIO-97C Android 4.0.4 and can not find drivers anywhere for me it works the Android ADB interface. If anyone could help me with that would be very grateful.

  8. Jose I lopez


    • Mandroide Post author

      Thanks for notifying Cami. We have moved our site to a called Cloudflare CDN to enhance the charge rate and that generated conflict with links. Already solved. Regards.

      • rakel

        Hi I have a tablet szenio 2008dc and will not start keda on andriod gutted and runs without commands I connect to pc xa re-stick a system xo does not recognize says dispositibo unknown and gives me no option and the control panel is not me x appears anywhere can do if you can help me

        • Mandroide Post author

          The unknown device message appears when you have installed the usb driver pc smartphone. Install android generic driver we have our website and let us know if that solves the detection equipment. If not please tell us to find another solution. Regards.

  9. Gerson Lobo

    hello and esteeeee and install the driver as?????? reaches the device manager, and when I try to install the driver I do not get it for 'android’ and then from there you can not do


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