How to repair or upgrade your Android tablet with LiveSuit Pack (tutorial illustration)

My friend told me that his Jesus tablet android has stopped working because he was experimenting with power and volume buttons and I ask for help to solve the problem.

That reminds me that some readers of Virtual Apple tell us in your comments put a lock pattern or PIN code to their tablets but no longer remember which is, thus can not access the system.

My brother calls me and tells me "my tablet came with Android 2.2 and I downloaded from the manufacturer's website version 4.0.4, How do I update?”.

In all these situations, so in essence we are being asked to teach them is to replace the version of Android OS for a tablet, either because it is faulty, is slow, we can not access, or just want to have a more recent version of Android.

Because Android is an open operating system runs on smartphones and tablets of different brands and models, and can also be customized to the tastes of users. That makes from the official version of Android that Google periodically updated, manufacturers and users are creating customized versions of the operating system for their devices. And as there is no equal devices is evident that a customized version of Android for tablet true model does not necessarily run well on another tablet from another brand or model.

Some manufacturers interested users can update their Android tablets as new versions come out because that generates brand loyalty, and therefore work to create customized versions of the operating system are made and hung on their websites to be downloaded and installed on the tablets.

Well, Android version that is factory installed on a tablet is called ROM STOCK, and custom versions can get is simply called CUSTOM ROM or ROM.

Then, when we want to replace the operating system need our tablet download STOCK ROM (which is what our team came in), the updated ROM which has published the manufacturer, or any other ROM we have found that the model works properly on our tablet.

Need ROMs for your tablet?. Find them here.

And once we have our ROM comes the question: How do I install?. And that's this article: to teach you how to download, install and use program that allows LiveSuit Pack flash the ROM on your tablet you want [is called "flashing" the process of installing a file on your tablet Android operating system image]. There is only one condition for using this method of flashing: the ROM image file has extension “.img”.

Some tablets also allow that the update using a micro SD memory card for which we published another tutoringl recommend that you to check also.

This method works for most tablets but not the right to update model tablets gs701b (PAD as FunTek 707) because as already proposed in the previous paragraph the LiveSuit Pack program requires a ROM image file has extension “.img” ROMs and the tablets have gs701b extension “.FW”. If your tablet is not FunTek PAD 707 or gs701b and then this tutorial is for you.


1) To download LiveSuit Pack program that works with your android device you need not look on the net. Our readers can easily download it by clicking on either of the two links that leave them below. But before a recommendation: on the download page you must wait five seconds to display the button “Skip Commercials” and pressing it will access download options.

Download LiveSuitPack (Option 1)Download LiveSuitPack (Option 2)

2) With the above downloading a file that is named "" starts. The download is relatively quick because the file has just 19 MB and compressed in zip format.


3) The first thing to do is unzip the file. As it is in zip format we can use any program that handles that format (such as WinZip or WinRar to name the best known). Inclusive Windows 7 y Windows 8 handle zip files natively without additional programs. For this tutorial we have downloaded the file to your desktop and unzip also there will, but everyone is free to extract the files to the folder you want. Continuing the example, we double-click the file that you downloaded to extract its contents:

4) Opens the program with which we handle compressed files, in our case is the WinRar. We have a button "Extract", but the easiest way to decompress the file is to click and drag the LiveSuit folder to the desktop:

5) As a result of the above action we already unpacked folder appears LiveSuit. Now you have to double click on that folder to access its contents:

6) After opening the folder look for the file “LiveSuitPack_version_1.09_20120301.exe " (if the extension does not appear. exe no matter, is that your Windows has been programmed to not show extensions known). Double click that file.

7) Then the installation program asks what language we want it to work the program and chose English because I'm Asian language. And that's all, LiveSuit already installed the English.


8) The first thing to do is have the driver or our tablet driver installed. If not we can install it by reading another of our tutorials.

9) Then we locate the application in LiveSuit LiveSuit.exe folder, and double click on it.

10) The program will begin with a warning in English indicating that the update can be risky and that you make a backup of your data before proceeding, and asks if we want to access an upgrade guide. To continue the tutorial we will say we will not.

11) Below the main screen appears with several buttons LiveSuit. To make the flash be downloaded on our need to work on our model of a ROM of Android tablet computer and has to be in img format (if you lowered an archive, as zip rar, you'll need to extract the img file that comes first in). We have several downloaded ROM, so press the "Select Img" button. After that choose the ROM you want to install.

12) Once we have chosen the ROM you want to install will appear in the "Image".

13) We currently carry the most important action: connect to the computer via USB cable to our tablet should be off, and while this action is done we reset the tablet. Some tablets have a reset button press while we do the USB connection, others do not have but can be reset by pressing a combination of buttons (normally Vol y On). We will show both methods using the example A10 Comet PAD tablet Woo 703:

Method 1: Reset with Vol and Power buttons

In this method we reset the tablet by holding down a button while connect the tablet to the pc with the usb cable and repeatedly press the power button. This button is usually keep pressed button “Volume ” (as in tablet Woo Comet) but for tablets that do not bring volume buttons is used for reset button “Esc” or button “Menu” (Prolink MD as does the tablet-0696B). So before starting the procedure must be identified in the tablet buttons that will use and the usb port which will connect to the pc.

The tablet should be off. What we do right now is to press the Volume button (the Esc, o Menu, as appropriate), without releasing it connect the tablet to the USB port of our computer and repeatedly pressed the power button until the program LiveSuit tell us the computer screen the message in step 14 This tutorial (usually required 15 to 20 presses the power button, but can be less or perhaps more, the reason is that if you press pause somewhat fewer keystrokes are required if done quickly).

Method 2: Needle Reset the Reset button

If our tablet has a button “Reset” and the previous method did not work us or we find it difficult, then we can continue this another. But we need a needle or something similar to which we can push the reset button of the tablet. It should be noted that not all tablets come with that button, but if you bring usually hidden in a small hole in the casing of the equipment (sometimes on one side, and sometimes in the back). In our example the Comet Woo PAD 703 has on the right side a small hole where the reset button of our gadget is hidden:

At this point carefully insert the needle into the small hole until you hear a click that indicates that the reset button is pressed. Then, while pressing the reset button connect the tablet to the USB port of our computer, and will be displayed in the message in step 14 This tutorial.

14) If the reset has been correctly a message will appear on PC asking if we want to format the internal memory of the tablet (if it is not to do the procedure again). We say yes because otherwise we will not flashing:

15) For security asking us if we are sure we want to force it formatting. We say yes:

16) Now. The program starts flashing process (or installing the Android ROM) indicating the approximate time of the process:

17) In a few moments you'll get a message indicating that the update has completed successfully. you have to press OK to close the message.

18) Finally press the Exit button to exit the program and disconnect the tablet that already has the ROM of the Android OS.

That's all. It is a simple procedure, I can only seem complicated is reset the tablet when connecting to pc, but with a little care is achieved smoothly realize. We will post specific tutorials for updating ROMs in tablets Woo Comet, Prolink y FunTek, which are the three that have been promoted heavily in Peru.


PD: As for ROMs you can flash your tablet You can visit our section on versions of Android by clicking here and you can download the LiveSuit easily download it by clicking on this link.

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