ROM Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Allwiner to update A13 tablets (Prolink MD-0696B y similares)

Late last year promoting daily Trome sold approximately 60 Prolink thousand units in its two tablet models (la MD-0696B y la MD-0651) and this year we have regularly observed marketing ads Saga Falabella which lead us to think that at least there should be some 100 thousand users who own a tablet Prolink.

A few months before the publishing group The Republic had sold 60 thousand units of the tablet Woo PAD-703 Comet. Two essential differences between the teams then jumped to the light users: first, la tablet Woo Comet PAD 703 The Republic Group is a team with Allwinner A10 processor and Prolink tablet daily Trome is a Allwinner A13 processor computer (should be noted that in the neighboring countries of Chile, Ecuador and Colombia have sold tablets Woo PAD-705 Comet, PAD and PAD-706-708 A13 processor as bringing the Prolink, but the PAD-703 tablet to be sold in Peru is a processor model with A10) and secondly, the manufacturer of the tablet Woo Comet regularly provides its users with new versions of the Android operating system so that teams can be updated, while regarding the Prolink tablet does not even know who is the manufacturer and no official OS updates.

This has created a huge problem for users Prolink tablet because as experience indicates, Chinese generic tablets usually have problems with the operating system and at some point the average user has no need to repair or upgrade, but having no official version of the operating system for tablet Prolink is neither possible nor repair or update the Android. This has led, as in our case- in the slightest fault our Prolink has had to be relegated to some corner of the house as a nice and expensive ornaments until we found a version of Android that achieves this function tablet model.

And is that unlike Apple devices (iPhone, IPhone y iPod) in the IOS operating system is also developed by Apple ensures that the updates run smoothly on all your computers, is not the case with the Android devices because the famous operating system is developed by Google while smartphones and tablets are developed by a variety of manufacturers, which are not on their computers tandard. Google freely distributed operating system, but since Google does not know what will be the physical configuration (el hardware) the tablet or smartphone allows each manufacturer to adapt the operating system of your computer specs. And that is why the version of Android running on a smartphone or tablet model usually does not work or works with other model restrictions.

For example, the Woo Comet Android PAD-703 does not work on the Prolink, because both have different processors tablets (A10 and A13 respectively) and have different configurations (Woo Comet eg PAD-703 has a single chamber, wearing mini HDMI port and has 4 GB of internal memory, while Prolink brings two cameras, no HDMI port and comes with 8 GB of internal memory).

But the multiplicity of models will always be a tablet or smartphone that present similar characteristics to the team that it. For example, Woo Comet PAD-703 is a tablet with A10 processor and Mali graphics chip, then your version of Android can run on another tablet that also has that kind of processors and have similar configuration. For PROLINK is a tablet and graphic processor chip A13 Mali, then it's possible that some version of Android tablet with a similar configuration to operate in Prolink. And in fact in recent months we have tested an incredible amount of versions of Android tablets A13 (you can search on google with the term "rom a13" and "a13 firmware"), but many do not even settled, others were installed but the touchscreen is not responding, and a few touchscreen worked in reverse.

As for the ROMs that are not installed there is no way around it, not suitable for the Prolink although correspond to A13 tablets (and this is because even if a tablet processor is the same as that of another tablet may have variations in hardware that make a ROM not work in another). But those installed and the touchscreen does not work or works backwards give us hope: ROMs themselves are recognized but our team to inject into the operating system driver touch screen tablet our back so we can have the equipment operating.

That is precisely what allows us the Android ROM presented today: repair the upgrade to Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 the operating system of our tablet Prolink MD-0696B (eye with that because the tablet Prolink MD-0651 touch screen not working).

And how to repair or update our A13 tablet Prolink MD-0696B o similares?. So by installing the ROM through LiveSuit program and then by installing the driver separately tablet screen if the touch does not work. In the final part of the article to let the user install the ROM and controller, but before we will point out the features of Android Jelly Bean ROM 4.2.2 for A13 tablets with a small screen adaptation will updated our operational and tablet Prolink MD-0696B.


Operating system version and device identification

In the field of computer information if we are going to Settings tablet Prolink indicates that our model corresponds to A13 support (which is because the processor is Allwinner A13 tablet). We were also indicates that the version of the Android operating system is 4.2.2 confirming that the device is updated to Jelly Bean 4.2 (means that while many tablets of well-known brands have not updated to Jelly Bean us we can have that version of Android in our Prolink MD-0696B y tablets A13 similares). Keep in mind that this ROM is not an official version for the Prolink, but a generic version adapted for use in tablets A13 8 GB memory by a user called Toxicro (is why the touch screen does not work in Prolink MD-0696B and may not work in other A13 tablets until it's install the display driver, learn which end).

Graphical Interface

The creator of this ROM has dispensed with the default graphical interface and installed the Android Go Launcher HD. That gives a modern and pleasing appearance to the desktop and menus. The home screen shows clean, with few icons but the default Android applications are present (File Manager, Gallery, Calculator, Flash Player, etc.). Since each user can customize the desktop applications that you want to download the Google Play Store. We have installed for this tutorial applications most used by our readers.

With this interface it is easy for the user to configure the system and the graphics look through the square icon that is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Likewise with the four squares icon accesses the application screen. But besides a few seconds clicking on the desktop immediately access management utility displays folders and icons, applications can drag any of the desks and the status bar, intuitively.

But perhaps the most useful appeal to users is the ability to configure gestures to access applications simply draw a sign on the screen. As an example we set for our tablet to draw on the screen a letter G access the internet browser, and draw the sign + accessed the calculator. Obviously the possibilities depend on the needs and creativity of each user.

Data Storage

The tablet Prolink MD-0696B is 8 GB memory, which divided into partitions for the system, to applications and data. The size of each partition depends on the settings you have set the creator of the ROM. For this Jelly Bean partition to install applications have 1.15 GB and is configured 4.92 GB Internal SD memory card. This means that 2 GB has been allocated for completing the system 8 GB memory. We further note that the fact that they have almost 5 GB internal memory card may be sufficient for the average user, but if you need more space for photos and documents already know that you can add an external micro SD card up 32 GB.

Camera and video

Time for camera. This is a weak point of this ROM if we analyze only the tablet Prolink MD-0696B because it brings two cameras: a front camera 0.3 Megapixel camera and a rear 3 Mpx. That is unlike the Prolink most Chinese tablets inexpensive generic default which are a front camera only. Since this ROM is ready for use in most tablets only A13 has been configured with the front camera. So with this ROM we can only use the front camera of our Prolink, at least until we get a patch that allows us to also activate the back camera. Obviously this restriction will be no problem for those who have a tablet with a single camera A13.

Language settings and time zone

As for the settings, the ROM is in English language and time is not corresponding to our country, therefore the first thing that must be done is to change the interface language to Spanish, and we also have to put in the time zone GMT-05 (Colombia) so we can be with the updated time, as shown in the following images (obviously the users in other countries will choose the time zone corresponding to your location places).

Wireless Internet (wi fi)

Next is to enable and configure the wi-fi (if you do not know how to do we can be guided by the tutorial we), in our tests there was no problem, the connection was instant. As for the wi-fi many readers tell us they sometimes lose signal on their computers, our tests with this ROM have not produced such problems with wireless internet and we could even see an HD movie online uncut. Obviously it also depends on the speed of your internet plan and power of the wi-fi signal that our router issue.

Download applications from Google Play Store

The downloading and running applications on Google Play Store runs smoothly on this ROM Prolink Jelly Bean. We did not find application incompatibility with tablet (as it does with the original Android Prolink in some applications can not be downloaded because the Play Store states that are not compatible with the tablet). In any case if anyone have problems with the Play Store you can shop around our tutorial about solving the problems of download by clicking on this link.

Watching videos and movies

Another use that users tend to give our tablet is viewing movies or videos. To test this ROM downloaded the QQ Player and run the film "The Ultimate Challenge" (Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of a curator of people facing a mob that neither the FBI could catch). We enjoyed the movie as smooth Full HD. We did the same with the Gallery application that comes by default in the ROM and the result was equally satisfactory.

Essential adjustments to repair or update Prolink tablet or similar: USB debugging and rooteo

As we said above lines, la ROM Jelly Bean 4.2.2 we are reviewing is installed correctly on the tablet Prolink MD-0696B but the touch screen does not work. In other A13 tablets perhaps the ROM not present that problem but at least our Prolink need to install the operating system within a patch with the corresponding screen controller. And that the ROM must be set to enable USB debugging mode (since the driver installation will be done via the USB cable) and should be further rooteada (since you need access to the operating system to change the settings on the touch screen). For other ROMs A13 there is a slight problem when we want to activate the USB debugging because that we have to access the Settings menu if the touch screen does not work simply can not access that menu, but we say that the problem is mild because connecting a mouse to your tablet can navigate quietly through the Setup menu and make the appropriate changes (if you do not know how to connect the mouse to the tablet you can check this other tutorial). But in the case of this ROM Bean Jelly 4.2.2 no need to worry: and comes with USB debugging enabled.

Similarly in the case of other ROMs A13 users wonder how they can root the device because the known methods do not work, but such cases have posted this other tutorial for easy Prolink rooteo of the Super One Click program. But in the case of this ROM Bean Jelly 4.2.2 not to worry because there is already rooteada.

So no need to configure anything else to install display driver. This ROM is already prepared.


Of course, in our testing we could not skip the games, and for that nothing beats the favorite of many users: Angry Birds. Downloaded version of Star Wars and we could enjoy a little leisure time, only a little, because work builds.


We also tested reading electronic books, for which we download the Adobe Reader Play Store and read a manual in pdf AIRIS Company (since we need to know about the smartphone manufacturer AIRIS we bought to be in tune with our readers). All within normal.

Facebook and internet browsing

And how could it be otherwise, in the tests could not miss two activities that our readers often perform regularly with their tablets: surf the Internet and social facebook. For the former we use the default browser that brings the ROM, and the experience were within normal, smooth or problems.

And for the official facebook application downloaded from the Google Play Store and agreed to our page on the social network, all also uncomplicated.


We could not do without Youtube, since the tablets are also used by a large majority of users (including my wife) to display the videos posted on this website ubiquitous. For that you download the official app of Google Play Store and ready. So take this test to see for the first and only time the video that caused a cargamontón on social networks Julio Andrade. Of course it was good test, satisfactory, what went wrong was definitely the video, lol.

Performance Test

Finally with regard to review, here comes the nice. Con ROM stock of the Prolink MD-0696B threw the tablet just under 3,500 Benchmark points Antutu, which is reasonable since the tablet PAD-703 Comet Woo usually obtained 4,500 points and has a more powerful processor (A10) the PROLINK (A13). But with this ROM Jelly Bean the Antutu Benchmark gives the Prolink MD-0696B an astonishing average of 4,800 points, that is superior to that of Comet Woo PAD-703 score. So if the ability to upgrade the Android Jelly Bean to Prolink 4.2.2 not prove challenging for some readers, the highest score in performance that is achieved with this ROM can be an excellent argument. It is likely that better performance marks tablets are also present in other models and A13.


1. For the ROM Jelly Bean 4.2.2 for A13 tablets with display driver Prolink tablet MD-0696B is needed for downloading from the web. That we leave then several alternative links (so we made sure that if any of the links fails can do the download from one or more other), and the reader can choose to download in a single file 380 MB from Rapidgator or in two files 190 MB each from Rapidshare and MediaFire (that are easier to use for some, but unfortunately not as large file support, divide the file into two parts):

Link to download the ROM in a single file

Links to download the ROM files into two 190 MB each on different servers (Trick: to lighten the download you can download the first part of a server and the second part of another simultaneously).



2. After downloading the archive should extract its contents to the Windows desktop or folder the user wants (for those who downloaded the ROM in the two files 190 MB file should open the first part and extract it from there). Then we will have a ROM image file and a folder containing the patch to activate the touch screen Prolink.


2. To flash the ROM (instalarla in the tablet) you need to use the program LiveSuit. Our users may download it and learn how to flash them with other LiveSuit from this tutorial we have posted on this link. What to keep in mind in the case of Prolink MD-0696B is that after running the LiveSuit and indicate where our Android image file that you downloaded is located, need to connect the tablet to the pc resetting follows: the "Esc" button is pressed (in other tablets may be the Vol ) and keep it pressed until the reset end, while holding down the button “Esc” the tablet to the pc with the usb cable is connected and repeatedly pressed the power button until we notice indicating LiveSuit to be out on screen format tablet, as shown in our LiveSuit tutorial. That LiveSuit has already recognized the tablet and is ready to proceed to the flashing, so we press the buttons and give the instructions indicated in the tutorial LiveSuit.


3. Once flashed the ROM we can disconnect the tablet and restart. In our Prolink MD-0696B notice that Android starts but the touchscreen does not respond (A13 other tablets can operate the touch screen and not in others). Then it's time to install the patch. If our tablet is Prolink MD-0696B patch is in the folder "patch-touch-prolink-a13" we have extracted the downloaded file, so connect the tablet to the computer with USB cable, we are in that folder and run the "run.bat" file; with it will be copied in the operating system of the tablet controller screen Prolink, and then rebooted the tablet will have our operational and updated with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

4. But as we have noted several times in this article, we are reviewing the ROM is not exclusively for the Prolink MD-0696B but for any generic Chinese tablet with A13 processor and Mali graphics chip, of 7 inch screen and 8 GB of internal memory. Thus, If your tablet is A13 and is not Prolink MD-0696B is possible that this ROM with the patch screen Prolink serve you, but if the patch screen Prolink fails then you can activate your touch download a patch bundle touchscreen clicking here. In this package there 26 folders with touch screen controller for android tablets, just connect the tablet to the computer with the USB cable, you fit in the first folder and run the file “run.bat”, if restarting the tablet screen works you're in luck, if not work try another folder and so on to find the driver that makes it to your screen, is unlikely that any of them will serve.


So you know friends. Esta ROM custom de Jelly Bean 4.2.2 A13 Tablet works great on the tablet Prolink MD-0696B if the touchscreen patch we have put in the archive is installed. In other A13 tablets may require the installation of other drivers, for which we have also put the links to download a patch pack screen. Unfortunately for Prolink MD-0651 (the other model Prolink tablet) we have not found the driver touch, so in we recommend installing this ROM on that equipment.

Also, as noted, the advantages of this ROM are fluency, cleaning and intuitiveness of the interface, the correct operation of applications, its customizability, the joy of having updated the tablet to Jelly Bean 4.2.2, inter alia. The distinct disadvantage for owners of the tablet Prolink MD-0696B is that only the front chamber is activated, so we must find a patch to activate the rear camera. Obviously this is not a problem for those with A13 tablets with a single camera or who do not usually use the rear camera. And in any case we believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Good luck.

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    The rom the instale itself problematic, also touch the driver install without problems, but the wifi does not work and I can not find drivers to put him. I need help please. Thanks.

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