How to troubleshoot errors download Google Play Store on your android tablet or smartphone

A mi no me will last, but some of our readers tell us on our facebook page and also here in when trying to download applications from the Google Play Store are unable because they leave various error messages. Sometimes the message is not able to verify google account, sometimes lets download some other application and then lose (especially when it comes to download the facebook and twitter apps), and more often than usually appears the message "There was an error retrieving information from server. [RPC: S-5: AEC-0]”.

It is reported that the problem occurs more frequently in the Prolink tablet (which brings AllWinner A13 processor) but also occurs in some tablets or gs701b FunTek (Actions that brings processor ATM 7013) there and less on the tablet Woo Comet (in the case of Peru is AllWinner A10 processor but in Chile brings AllWinner A13 processor). And after searching the web it can be determined that the problem is not only of these three tablets but comes in devices of various makes and models, incluyendo smartphones android.


The solution is simple and is a measure Google forum had recommended to the problems of error in Google Talk and other portals that had been recommended to force the update of Android Market and operating system of Galaxy Nexus (for example: and

This solution is to stop the operation of Google Services Framework and clear data that are stored on your tablet or smartphone. This reset the device to the system application Google Services Framework comes into operation clean data and the various Google services (Google Talk, Google Play Store, Google Maps, etc.) run smoothly.

Then, Whereas the problem of downloads on Google Play Store is occurring in many tablets and some smartphones, and as the solution is relevant, have prepared this tutorial which graphically depicts our readers the steps to delete the data from Google Services Framework and fix the problem download error on Google Play Store. To this aim, images that accompany the tutorial are per tablet android, but the procedure is basically similar for users of smartphones:


1) We must enter the menu "System Settings". There are two ways to do: The first is through the Settings icon that is sometimes present in the home screen of the tablet (como on the Prolink), the second is through the three-point icon on status bar. Anyway what matters is that you enter the menu.

2) Those who struck the icon of the three points a table of options in which they must choose "Manage applications will show them” and then you have to go to instruction 4.

3) In contrast to pulsed on the icon “Settings” will be shown the main menu System Settings and it should choose the first option “Applications” and then the tab “All” so they can see all the applications installed on the tablet.

4) From here the steps are the same for all. You have to locate the "Google Services Framework" application and press it.

5) On the next screen we will show several buttons, must be pressed containing the "Force stop".

6) For security, the system will ask if you really want to force stop the application informing us that if we do the application may not work correctly, precisely because we want to stop it as it is not working correctly choose "OK".

7) Now the application is stopped. At this point press the "Clear Data".

8) Again for safety we are asked if we want to, y bla,free, free, again chose "We Accept" to delete those blessed data that are doing that we can not download anything from the Play Store.

9) That was all. Now turn off the tablet, her turn to hold, Google entered the Play Store and we can download the applications we want.


Note to 02 July 2014: In recent days our readers have reported that their devices throw the error message “Disconnected [Retry]. For that kind of mistake the solution is in this other article:

Fixes bug “Disconnected” Play the Google Store by clicking here


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